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Conditions of sale

Terms and Conditions


Prices and availability of products on the Site are subject to change without notice. We are under no obligation to provide the product to you at the outdated (lower) price, after the order has been proceeded.

In the event that a lower price is displayed after the processing of your order, MiningCave is under no obligation to provide a discount or refund in any type. The decision will be made at MiningCave discretion.

On the occasion that your order has not been processed, and the price or the availability of the products differs from your initial order, we are in right to reject your order and notify you of such rejection.

On very rare occasions, you agree that we may cancel your order after you have received an Order Receipt Confirmation or a Payment Receipt without penalty. MiningCave will proceed to the complete refund.

All purchases are final


Delivery service is provided by third parties such as DHL and UPS. The carrier will be decided at MiningCave discretion depending on your location.
Please note that unless otherwise stated on the Website, the delivery time periods are just estimates, and they are not guaranteed delivery times and should not be relied upon as such.

For Germany shipments, please be aware about we have numbers of German customers met custom clearance problems when shipments arrange via DHL. You may wish to consider this piece of information before choosing shipping carrier. In the case of any custom delay or shipment return due to DHL shipping, MiningCave will not be held liable.

MiningCave is not responsible of any delay that might occur a loss of income.

All items not manufactured in Canada will be shipped from the original Country of manufacture, customs duties will be evaluated, calculated and determined by your local customs depending on the Country of your location . Please refer to the item description to be aware of the shipping Country where the item is departure.

You are solely responsible to consult with your state and local tax lawyers to determine compliance with tax laws and regulations in your area and pay all the outstanding taxes and duties if applicable according to your tax residential law. You hereby waive your right to claim that the tax collected on any purchase is incorrect in any respect and agree to hold harmless MiningCave Inc., its officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives, for any harm or other damages you may incur as a result of our error in calculating the taxes you owe for your purchases.


If your item is defective due to product error, within the warranty period, you may return it for a repair at your own expense, under the terms of the warranty, A repaired product order will be shipped when the original item is received and processed at our service processing facility. The return shipping cost may be charged to the end user, it is left at MiningCave discretion.

In the case of return of non-defective equipment, a fixed basic charge and diagnostic fee will be charged at the price of 20 $ CAD. Make sure you check that the cause of your problem is not due to improper installation or configuration or due to a software or hardware incompatibility before returning any equipment.

Any return of goods requires the prior agreement of MiningCave and obtaining a return number issued by the latter to the customer. This number must be clearly legible on any returned items.


All products sold by MiningCave have 30 days to 3 years manufacturer warranty. The first 30 days of warranty will be supported by MiningCave.

Any warranty longer than 30 days and proposed by the manufacturer must be supported directly by the manufacturer towards the end user.

Any intervention by the MiningCave Company beyond the first 30 days after the invoice date is left to its discretion, transport and intervention fees may be charged to the end user by first informing him of the precise and detailed amount of this intervention.

Any repair support will be carried out either by MiningCave or directly by the manufacturer according to the products and the date of purchase.

In the case of return of non-defective equipment, a fixed basic charge and diagnostic fee will be charged at the price of 20 $ CAD. Make sure you check that the cause of your problem is not due to improper installation or configuration or due to a software or hardware incompatibility before returning any equipment. In case an additional intervention is necessary (assembly, system installation, additional tests, etc.), a quote will be sent to you on an hourly basis of 45.00$ CAD.


This warranty is non-transferable and is enforceable only by the original purchaser.

Any product that has not been purchased as new from us or our authorized vendor and/or its associates is expressly excluded from this warranty and will be at your expense.

We shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages incurred and/or occurred in connection with the product or its purchase. Our responsibility is limited solely to the product itself. We assume no responsibility for any loss or costs due to third party’s or your loss of profit, or any other indirect loss or costs however incurred. We reserve the right to make changes or improvements in design, firmware or manufacturing without assuming any obligation to change or improve products previously manufactured and/or sold.


This warranty does not cover damage resulting from accidents, misuse, neglect or noticeable change in the appearance or operation of the returned equipment. Any graphics card / asics showing traces of overclocking beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations will lose all warranty rights. Any return of goods requires the prior agreement of MiningCave and obtaining a return number issued by the latter to the customer. This number must be clearly legible on any returned items. The return of goods is at the expense, risk and peril of the customer. Any product returned by carrier without physical protection, improperly protected or damaged will not be entitled to the warranty; it is therefore up to the customer to protect and insure the product or products returned during their transport.

The MiningCave Company will ensure to apply the warranty on any product returned promptly. However, when a repair requires the return of a product to the manufacturer, MiningCave Company cannot be held responsible for any delays or faults related to the manufacturer. On the other hand, MiningCave’s after-sales service will choose which carrier will be responsible to deliver the goods to the customer. To the extent permitted by applicable law, this warranty does not apply to:

  • normal wear and tear;
  • damage resulting from accident, abuse, misuse, neglect, improper handling or improper installation;
  • damage or loss of the product caused by undue physical or electrical stress, including but not limited to moisture, corrosive environments, high voltage surges, extreme temperatures or abnormal working conditions;
  • damage or loss of the product caused by acts of nature including, but not limited to, floods, storms, fires, and earthquakes;
  • damage caused by operator error, or non-compliance with instructions as set out in accompanying documentation;
  • alterations by persons other than us
  • products, on which the original software has been replaced or modified by persons other than us, associated partners or authorized service facilities;
  • counterfeit products;
  • damage or loss of data caused by improper usage and behavior which is not recommended and/or permitted in the product documentation;
  • failure of the product caused by usage of the products not supplied by us


In accordance with our terms of use, MiningCave does not offer refunds or exchanges on mining products and RIGS. In the event of a malfunction, you should contact our technical support department.